Edited by Lithica Ann 


(deadname: Lori A Minor)

Please Note: Submissions suspended until November 15, 2022.

New guidelines and submission periods coming soon.

March Issue

Submit February 15 - 28/29

June Issue

Submit May 15 - 31

September Issue


December Issue

Submit November 15 - 30

Absurdism, Dadaism, Existentialism, Nihilism, Expressionism, Surrealism


Poems: 10 lines or less

Prose, hybrid, plays: 73 words or less

No more than 7 unpublished pieces in the body of the email or .docx. NO PDF unless provided to preserve formatting. No art/visuals. Please include all work in one email. 

Email: ubu.poems@gmail.com

Subject: Your name - Type

     Example: Lithica Ann - Poetry

      Example: Lithica Ann - Inquiry

Please sign your name as you wish it to appear for publication. 

Due to high volume of submissions, if your submission does not meet the guidelines, you might not get a response.

ubu. has a 14.88% acceptance rate.

ubu. is a no fee/no pay journal and will be published in the form of a free-to-read Ebook.

ubu. requires first rights, meaning we want to be the first venue to present the poems to the public. However, rights are restored with the author upon release of publication.